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The 9m canadians out of work/on CERB have been 'reclassed' as being on the government's payroll and so no longer count as unemployed... Most of them don't even know.

Out of the almost 17 million Canadians on payroll over 9 million lost their job. They corrected this number to about 1 million. You either believe that the unemployment rate is 60% (like before the correction) or 8% (after the correction).

Here is last years dataset https://www.adp.ca/-/media/adpca/redesign2019/images/resource-hub/ner/1120/adp_canada_ner_history_2020_11.xlsx?la=en

and this years:


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A 60% unemployment rate would be on the news.

Also some provinces do their own reporting on unemployment rates and there are nowhere near 60%. They are closer to 8%. Unless you think Conservative Premiers like Kenney, Moe or Legault are cooking the books too.

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Especially since Canada doesn't keep track of unemployed people who fall off the rolls.

They do. You can read it in every labour force survey from StatsCan.


"The number of people who wanted a job but were not actively looking for one, and therefore did not meet the definition of unemployment, increased by 74,000 (+14.3%) in January. If people in this group had been counted as part of the group of unemployed, the adjusted unemployment rate in January would be 12.0%."

They include people who could work but aren't looking for one, speak "people who fall off the rolls".

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Investors acting on the incorrect data could have a good case against the parties involved in this ADP payrolls matter. They were victimized by an act of fraud or negligence - possibly malfeasance