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Everyone knows the mods work for the food price anon. You can't even be a jannie on /pol/ without being vetted by his goons.

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PM Frigface will be PM Folyfe if he manages to steal this one

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Don't hospitals have to shut down certain services once they don't have enough nurses? So if a hospital losses 20 percent of their nurses you cannot, for example, give birth in that hospital anymore. I wonder what else will be affected.

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Won't anyone follow GenghisPrawnz's brave and valiant lead?

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In Germany during the nazi years, physical fitness made a big come back but with a nazi spin. The would have two guys toss the medicine ball back and forth and pretend that the other guy was a jew or they'd tell them to pretend the other boxer was a jew. They'd tell racers, 'imagine the guy beating you is a jew'. They'd tell jumpers 'imagine the next guy is a jew' and on it would go. They'd do this everywhere they trained, because talking smack is so fun.

So one day while selling sausages at the track where a load of krauts are training, my great grandfather overhears it and asks one of them 'if you are the master race and superior to everyone else, how come all these fucking jews are neck and neck for all these titles?'

And that's how he ended up in 'Quarantine'. Because that's what they called it back then.

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CBC means propaganda and bullshit. But I've subverted that expectation by telling true facts under the CBC graphic..

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It's actually art. I'm making a true statement, using art.

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Yeah, but what statement contained within the fake news is wrong?

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How is it you believe a doctor in Mexico might have a prescription pad from your province?

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I'm sure elections will resume at a time favouring the conservatives...

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Investors acting on the incorrect data could have a good case against the parties involved in this ADP payrolls matter. They were victimized by an act of fraud or negligence - possibly malfeasance

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I wouldn't expect the statefunded media in Canada to touch it. This is the sort of thing zerohedge, Blacklocks or Michael Burry would pick up. It's important to have experts figure out why they would fudge these numbers like they did and explore the issue and it's implications.

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