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Ask your mother. She knows. And tell her I say hi.

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Given that it is fashionable to blame people for the pandemic, let's put the blame where it belongs: CHINA

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Despicable behavior. They're now telling us not to compare what is happening here with what happened in Nazi Germany. Well the Jews were removed from their homes by the German state. How is this any different? Oh, I get it. It's a more polite way of doing it.

I hope things get better for your mom.

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Why is Canada not included in this? Trudy scared of China or what?

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Trudeau will come after us. This is a fact. He said, "within 100 days" of getting elected he will target online free speech. Will O'Toole come after us in the same manner as Trudeau? I don't know, but we have more influence over him than Trudeau.

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Maybe if Romney had won, the USA wouldn't be in the shape that it's in. Obama destroyed America.

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Some of us are not interested in "voting for O'Toole", we're interested in voting Trudeau out out out. O'Toole is just the mean to achieve that goal. People are getting all up in knots about who is based or who isn't, and what policy they believe in or not believe in. This election is not about policy or right wing purity. This election is about removing a man who is bad for Canada, and his name is Justin Trudeau.

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This election is about none of those things. This election is about voting Trudeau out. That's it. We'll worry about the rest later.

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They also can't explain why PHDs are so hesitant about the vaccines and why a large portion of nurses (who work with the sick) refuse to take the jab.

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The media have accused Peterson of being alt-right, racist, white supremacist, etc. Anyone who listens to Peterson knows that this is nonsense. But your average Joe doesn't know this and they're susceptible to media influence. Why give your opponents an excuse to torpedo your campaign this late in the game for little political benefit?

Now, you might think, who cares about the average Joe and Jane? Screw them. This is why they're important. Leftists will vote for leftists, rightists will vote for rightists. The ones who end up electing the prime minister are the ones in the center. The average Joe and Jane who doesn't follow politics except during the election cycle. They're the ones you have to convince to vote for you in the end, and you won't be able to do this, if the media accuses of being buddies with a controversial figure like Peterson.

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If he goes to the Jordan Peterson's show, the media will have a field day dragging O'Toole through the mud. Peterson's baggage becomes O'Toole's baggage. It would be non-stop coverage and just the right excuse to blow up his campaign. So, this is the correct political action by O'Toole.

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The strategy seems to be working a bit because O'Toole continues to be neck and neck with Trudeau in the polls. I understand that many people on the right will not vote for O'Toole (he's not my cup of tea either), but as far as I can see this is a strategic mistake. We're in a crucial time, and splitting the vote is not the right strategy. They will throw out the baby with the bath water by voting PPC, and we'll have Trudeau back in power. Guaranteed. Then PPC voters will have a surprised Pikachu face when they're being hauled off to unvaxxed concentration camps, which I think is the veiled threat Trudeau made when speaking to his media lapdog Rosemary Barton.

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Russia and China are itching to start trouble in the arctic. Canada cannot defend that area without NATO. Unfortunately, we have a weak American president. If I were China or Russia, I would make my move now.

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This is the reason we cannot give them an inch. You can only push people so far before we say enough. For me the vaccines is the red line and these idiots pushing it are walking on thin ice.

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Perhaps, but we have more influence over O'Toole than Trudeau. O'Toole is probably playing the game of politics because let's face it, Canada is a liberal place. Strategy is the key.

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The same type of demonization that happened to certain people in Nazi Germany is happening to the unvaccinated in Canada. For example, the Nazis got children to calculate how much it cost the government to take care of a disabled person. The underlying implication was they were costing a lot money and this justified their murder. There was recently a media report on how much an unvaccinated person cost the system when they caught the virus and ended up in the hospital. The sub-text being that the unvaccinated are costing money and should therefore be treated as second class citizens. Pay attention to what's happening to Canada, boys and girls. Men and women sacrificed their lives to prevent what we are now seeing.

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A cucked restaurant owner was interviewed by the CBC about the passports, and he said he was afraid of the violence that the antivaxx crowd could perhaps potentially bring maybe. These people are brainwashed by the media.

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Where can someone go to find the number of deaths and adverse effects from the vaccines? People are getting hurt with a variety of side effects, but we're not getting this information by health officials, politicians, and the main stream media such as commies at the CBC.

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She's the worst. Her panel of guests were all regurgitating leftist propaganda during the interview, and it was just a thinly veiled excuse to attack O'Toole. The interview with Trudeau is just a hate fest against the unvaccinated. History will remember her as one the useful idiots in Canada's destruction.

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What is so hard to understand that if someone can't afford to have children, then they shouldn't have them. Their fuck trophies are not my concern.

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