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Happened in Melbourne, Australia.

And it wasn't over wearing a mask. The security guards were fired and the guy didn't die.


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NDP and Liberal breakthroughs in the west.

All Trudope needs are 5 to 6 seats in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina or Saskatoon and he will easily win a majority with it. Happened in 2015.

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It’s the court of public opinion that matters the most.

It's what matters the most for you.

Trudeau repeatedly labeled him a terrorist

Trudeau also called the stabbing perpetrated by Hassan Ali a terror act.

Father of Quebec City mosque shooter urges Trudeau to stop calling his son a terrorist

Is an Arab who shoots up a church a terrorist?

Is a White guy who shoots up a mosque a terrorist?

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This is the opinion of a journalist.

The police and the lawyers involved in the case won't release any details until the trial starts.

a Trudeau free-money taking joke website

And yet they publish anti-Trudeau stuff day after day.

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We still don't know what happened to the other shooters that witnesses reported.

There was no other shooter. Eye witness reports aren't accurate. They showed the video tapes of security cameras during the trial and Bissonette was the only shooter.

There was never a second shooter.

I'm willing to bet he said something like "Paki" when he got arrested

Or maybe it was the tactical vest he was wearing (which is the only detail the police released).

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cops and government would be fucking tripping over themselves to release everything they could about the kid

The judge placed a publication ban on the case. You won't hear anything from the cops or the government until the trial starts.

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and since it was RCMP who arrested him and they are Federal ... and Trudeau is the PM and opponent ...

The RCMP in Manitoba is contracted out to Manitoba. It wasn't Trudeau who send the RCMP. It was the provincial government. The same provincial government who send the letter to Bernier that he has to quarantine on arrival in Manitoba.

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Imagine the pictures when Pallister sends in the RCMP to arrest him.

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The Conservative Party of Canada brass has been trying everything they can to take votes from the Liberals.

And by ‘trying everything they can,’ I mean becoming more and more like the Liberals…

Nothing more has to be said.

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You can even find houses for $12k on Zillow or Point2Homes in Saskatchewan. Just be aware that these will be run down, 2 bed bungalows from the 50s that were used as meth labs in a town that lost 30% of their population in the last 20 years.

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The farther you get up north, the worse it gets.

Saskatchewan already has the highest crime rate of the provinces. And by higher I mean twice to three times higher than Toronto.

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Oil Exports will suffer on currency loss

I don't think that this will happen.

From November 2009 to late 2014 the CAD was between $0.9 and $1. And sometimes even above. Higher than today. During that time our oil exports went from $4 billion a month to over $8 billion a month. Also higher than today.

So despite the loonie being on par with the USD, we produced more and more oil each month.

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and the irradiance energy in W/m² is modeled in absolute value.

If the solar irradiance was modeled as change, it would have gone down in the last few decades. It wouldn't make much sense to say that lower solar irradiance (speak less energy from the sun) leads to a higher global temperature.

Long-term global temperature variations under total solar irradiance

What we currently see is a high short term temperature increase, while the solar irradiance decreased slightly. The exact opposite effect should be the case.

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They have nothing to do with the current change. Solar irradiance (speak the energy in W/m² we get from the sun) is as high today as it was 100 years ago.


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Wexit won't solve it, because you will be still surrounded by a woke Canada + US which won't let you build pipelines on their soil.

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And some people see her as the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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