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Total new cases: 11,582

Unvaxxed: 1,554

Vaxxed: 9,255

And for the resident propagandists who were crying about the rate per 100 k

Unvaxxed: 57.83

Vaxxed: 81.37

Some of the vaxx whores on Reddit have stopped charting vaccine effectiveness against confirmed case because vaccine effectiveness has been negative for a couple of weeks now. You're more likely to get covid if you're vaccinated. But you go ahead and line up for that booster. Your thumping heart and clotted brain will thank you.

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nowhere in your pasted description of partially vaxxed does it mention the 14 day period.

yet here it is on the cdc website, and yes I know its an american source but I know for a fact our government is calculating these things the same way.

The fully vaccinated status is achieved 14 days after the second dose.

that is extended to boosters as well. You can be triple jabbed but within 2 weeks of receiving your third jab and the government is gonna say you are unvaccinated to pad its stats if you need medical attention.

this is especially loathsome when many people experience severe adverse reactions to the jab within the first 2 weeks and are counted as unvaxxed covid injuries instead of vax injuries.

So keep posting your bullshit and believing everything the government releases at face value.

mrna is a killer. lockdowns have done nothing. governments haven't increased medical capacity anywhere - in fact they've actually shrunk many hospitals capacity! but hey lets blame the 10% of the population thats not vaxxed cause we love discriminating against identifiable minorities!