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Overweight people like Francois Legault have ignored the science for too long. They are disproportionately represented in hospitals.

Those who choose to be overweight should not be permitted to go to restaurants, and should face significant financial penalties for their decision to continue damaging the healthcare system and putting others at risk.

If you don't agree you're an anti-science tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist.

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Preventable illness is the majority of health cost.

What you’re saying is the fatty/drinker/smoker/criminal/whoever who has been making shit health choices for decades is the victim, and the person who just wants to wait a few years before taking the 1 year old medicine is their oppressor.

In other words, it’s normal that people in hospitals are largely there due to bad choices.

Unvaxxed represent 10% of the population.

Canadian authorities always acknowledged there would be people unwilling to get the vaccine.

Why are they not prepared? Why are they not facing the blame?

South of the border there is vastly higher surge capacity. Why don’t we have that?

The vaccines don’t prevent the spread, covid is moving at an insane clip right now, and the system is still functioning.

This is literally the best case scenario, and in 10 or 15 years from now, when people are talking about how ridiculous the covid reaction was, people like you will nod along and smile.

I know this is when you start chanting “SCIENCE” and “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE”