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Can anyone tell me what they are like at the border? Are they strict about checking vaccines? Do they have a database to verify if you’ve been vaccinated or not? Thanks in advance for your help. I am specifically talking about the ON border

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I was across mid-December. They didn’t ask to see physical vaccine card at border but you have to upload it to arrive can before return so that’s probably why. When they scan your passport it pulls up your arrivecan info and verification I believe

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Did they ask you at the US border crossing?

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Better to ask on 4chan

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USA - did not ask for proof of vaccination. Perhaps my vaccinations records were already in their computer. Canada - Also did not ask for proof of vaccination. Did request proof of negative Covid test.

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I would not take a chance on being quarrantined or turned back in the last year. I am waiting for the camels back to break.

MI is almost as bad as ON for godless commies so you take your freedom in hand unless you have been jabbed.

A friend of mine said they went over and it isnt the same as it used to be. Stores are empty and stocks are even more limited than in Canada.

The police there are more apt to pull you over for any reason if you are out of state.

On return half of the group the returned were given quarantines and test kits randomly (ARRIVECAN not by border guard) and had to stay home until it cleared.

Not worth the hassle in my mind and only getting worse this month with Biden closing the border to unvaccinated people jan 23.