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I’ve heard in Canada you can get on international flights to countries with no vaxport restrictions. Look into it and get back to me

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One idea is you can go to Mexico for a few weeks and then pay a pharmacist down there to pretend to give you the Pfizer shots while he just shoots it into the sink

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They are mandating it in Israel. And in France they are mandating it for over 65s.

And don’t you think mandating booster shots will hurt vaccine uptake? Why would they do that? Do you think it’s fair to make peoples rights contingent upon taking an experimental injection every 6 months?

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If the vaccine is so effective at preventing infection, why are countries recommending even mandating booster shots and why are some countries cancelling passports after 6 months if you’ve only had 2 shots?

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What about the numerous studies that show efficacy going to pretty much zero after 6 months?

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I thought you just said in your previous posts that the vaccine doesn’t stop infection or transmission

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OK great. So if the vaccines work then why do we need to force everyone to be vaccinated, especially those who are at very low risk from hospitalization in the first place?

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So the vaccine doesn’t work then?

Also, in case you haven’t realized, Christine Elliott and Doug Ford are not medical experts.

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Great! Now stop forcing others to take it! Because those who are at high risk from the virus are now vaccinated and according to you, protected!

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What a deadly virus! 74 people hospitalized from a province of over 12 million people!

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Why is it paranoia? They literally already said they're going to do it in Austria, Germany said they are "mulling it over" and the WHO has already tacitly recommended it.

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Can’t believe anyone still believes a word coming out of their mouths. They are such scum of the earth liars.

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Complete lies and propaganda. Most Canadians don’t support this. This is just Globalist Media trying to influence a herd mentality.

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Perhaps they should also look into the harmful and inflammatory rhetoric against people who aren’t vaccinated?

Also, how is calling for arrest a bad thing when it’s clear that these politicians are breaking the law. For one, they are administering and coercing people to undergo an experimental, medical procedure. Without informed consent being given (which includes consent being given without coercion or under duress), you are assaulting people. You are also extorting people. Not to mention politicians and lobbyists preventing doctors from prescribing early treatments to people sick from COVID.

What is the point of posting this article also? How many CSIS agents as well, are posing as “anti vax radicals”? How can you trust a word that comes out of their mouths?

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Have you learned that the public health experts have failed at everything they have done?

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Ok. So I just called and confirmed with PHAC that you just need a negative test to board up until Nov 30

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But from my understanding, ever since your premier signed off on that emergency order, they have the ability to practically abduct and arrest people extrajudicially for the sake of “public safety” or whatever Orwellian language they used.

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Surely, in any fucking society with common sense, this should destroy any fucking mandates until these vaccines are properly tested?!

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I see, well you can check my search history and determine for yourself whether I'm legit or not.

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Didn't the Health Minister just announce it will come into effect come September 1st? Not going to take any chances to wait until then. The time to fight is now.

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