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Plaid_Avenger 2 points ago +2 / -0

Isn't the chairman of Pfizer on the board of directors for AP?

BritPedeMEGA 1 point ago +1 / -0

Ya know I never thought of it that way. Perhaps this explains the sudden givaway bonanza of all the provinces roughtly at the same time deciding to give "free" ( cough printed or taxpayers money ) tests away to all and sundry by the boatload.

In AB and BC they are out or close to out I gather.

The more idiots grab the tests and test themselves and pick up normal cold, flus, and god knows what else, the higher the case numbers climb and the bigger chance it has to include greater number of the unjabbed to dilute the new "cases" closely matching the jabbied. That's what the gov probably wants anyway.

If this is what the plan is, it could back fire on them. Because I posit the vast majority of the dumb chimps out there flocking to shoppers drug mart to get their tests to confirm a 'positive' for gullibility, are outnumbering the people who long ago vowed to not get jabbed.

And I bet bottom dollar the determined unjabbed aren't going to waste their time with a glorified pregnancy test. Ive only had one once, after I got the rona earlier this year, & that was only because my boss demanded we got them.

I tested positive, weeks after feeling better after the rona. Which, TBH, just felt like a mild flu. So mild I thought I was just working too many hours.