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Hollyweirdness 3 points ago +3 / -0

Senate never voted on the Emergency Act. Considering the amount of Trudeau appointees, even factoring in a couple dissenting 'Liberal' votes it would have passed. At present 90 senators, 25 were Harper appointees (BTW Brazeau was going to vote for the Act) and the rest Liberal.

Regardless, Trudeau is going to fill those 15 Senate vacancies pronto. With some woke weirdos.

bobbydriscolsgoat 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yes if he can find enough corrupt actors to get through the process

The concern I think he has is once people get into the Senate they no longer need to be culpbable to anyone including the woke psychos.

If there is one thing that is fickle is someone with nothing to lose. Then all votes suddenly get personal and that is where the Senate kicks in. They often have families who are impacted by woke policies day to day and a good number are from Quebec where they are seeing the woke overreach right in their faces.

Now about that vote. It was basically dead in the water- Trudeau got word and cancelled the act before he lost face even more to the nation. If there was any chance it would pass he would have kept it going for months to implement his globohomo agenda (social credit, digital passports, digital currency).

He's in Brussels right now cuddling with Karl dreaming of bug dinners and busses full of drones.