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Bannonmeharder [S] 5 points ago +5 / -0

On camera boosters so we can see who the person is giving harmful advice on the internet. The people that contradict your crumbling narrative don’t hide behind their keyboard. They risked everything to tell us about the failed and dangerous product that you promote. Everything you support has turned out to be a lie. Stand up for your beliefs and show us who you really are.
ON camera boosters. Put your money where your mouth is. I’m sure you are still afraid to go outside without your face diaper , so we wouldn’t actually get to see your face. But the look of uncertainty in your eyes as you took the injection would be all the proof we need to see that you don’t really believe what you promote.

tuchodi -10 points ago +1 / -11

the person is giving harmful advice on the internet

That would be you. You're the one who chooses not to provide any support for your opinions.

There is a virtually endless list of professionals in infectious diseases and public health policy who advise us that the path to whatever relief we can gain from the virus is through hand washing, social distancing, masks, vaccinations, and so forth, and I have provided numerous quotes from them and links to their findings and recommendations.

You have provided nothing but name calling and worthless personal opinions.

CanadianRighty 1 point ago +1 / -0

You support a man who admitted to covering his body in black paint head to toe on more occasions than he can count to mock black people.

You are a racist Nazi.

Everything you say is just noise. We don’t listen to Nazis like you.

tuchodi -9 points ago +1 / -10

covering his body in black paint head to toe on more occasions than he can count

Prove it. Black paint head to toe on more occasions than he can count.

We don’t listen

Apparently you do.

CanadianRighty 1 point ago +1 / -0

Folk, you want proof? Okay folk but first I’ll ask you a question.

Would it matter if I proved you wrong on every single point we disagree on, or would you always defend the Liberals regardless of how corrupt they become?

Here is a video where at 25 seconds in Trudeau says “some people say it was makeup. It wasn’t. It was blackface and that’s just not right.”

At 1:07 a reporter asks how many times he’s worn blackface he replies “I’m weary of uh uh uh uh.. being uh uh definitive about this because uh uh… the pictures uh uh”


He specifically calls it a racist act and apologizes profusely.

I don’t know of a single racist conservative in real life. I don’t know anyone else in Canada who ever wore blackface, let alone any conservatives.

He called himself a racist and you support him.

Fucking figure it out folk.