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You literally just say "look at what these people are doing to children," whether that be CRT or child trannies. Cuckservatives don't connect with wahmens because they are the least charismatic losers on the entire planet. And they will stay that way because they are paid to stay that way.

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For example, my next call got a lot spicier. The Surrey RCMP PR Catlady Elenor Sturko keeps trying to worm out of explaining anything to me. And there's a publication ban.

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Sorry guys, kind of a noob when it comes to this site. I mean to provide a little backstory, which is that I'm trying to get the RCMP to explain why there are no anti-Christian hate crime charges despite the Summer of Church Burnings. Beyond that, they have insanely biased press releases.

Eventually it ends up going about as well as you might think, but I meant to post the later videos, not just this one.