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CanadianRighty 9 points ago +9 / -0

You have no expertise in infectious diseases, yet you’re perfectly willing to ignore and discredit the vast array of studies completed by leaders in their field that contradict your position.

Instead of reviewing those detailed peer reviewed studies you dismiss them out of hand, and attack the site that compiles them.

It seems you are in favour of the government inserting itself between the doctor patient relationship in contravention of established norms.

The only reason more doctors don’t prescribe medical interventions as is routine practice with all other disease, is because they are fired or reprimanded for doing so.

Why is it that monoclonal antibodies still aren’t routinely used in most of Canada, yet have also been proven to improve outcomes?

Why is it that the government doesn’t promote healthy living as it’s widely known that obesity only second to age in being the greatest risk factor to covid?

tuchodi -5 points ago +2 / -7

no expertise in infectious diseases

Since neither of us has this there is not much point in either of us trying to evaluate studies. Deciding to believe the ones that the vast majority of trained personnel dismiss, while not knowing enough to evaluate them, is not a sign of anything good.

vast array of studies by leaders in their field

The vast array of studies by leaders in their field supports the message being delivered by the best medical facilities and institutions in the world. There are a few outliers, none of whom have much standing with their peers.

contravention of established norms

The established norm is that doctors follow public health guidelines.

monoclonal antibodies still aren’t currently used in most of Canada

Lack of facilities and lack of trained personnel figure into this. https://globalnews.ca/news/8218172/canada-regeneron-monoclonal-antibody-covid-treatment/

the government doesn’t promote healthy living

I believe they do, but the supermarkets carry what sells. Deny the people access to their chocolate frosted sugar bombs? That would be too much government control.