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Hey folks,

Have you noticed how cancel culture and other activism always goes straight to management or government and tries to bully them into making a change that they need?

Now if you ever got into situation where you're in the management position, or you're on the council that gets bullied by a woke activist, hear me out. Naturally, very few people will have balls to deny the woke agenda, it's no cool today. Worse, woke activists will try to escalate the issue higher to get you fired.

The best action you can do is to conduct a referendum. Have as many people as possible vote on the issue using the secret ballot system, so that people didn't feel pressured to vote "right". The "silent majority" is almost always against stupid woke ideas, but doesn't have a way to express it freely. With the secret ballot referendum you give them a chance to show their support to you, not to the activism.

Once you have the results on your hands, you have the best answer: here, people don't want your idea, go away.

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aaaargh 3 points ago +3 / -0

Yes, those with the biggest mouth always make it. Don't be intimidated, they are assholes.

DoggyDawg 2 points ago +2 / -0

Good ideas

BidenIsAnAsshole 2 points ago +2 / -0

I hope one day soon everyone learns how things really work.

Whoever has the Gold has the Guns.

That is whose way it is.

Always was.

Ham_Sandwich77 -2 points ago +2 / -4

Yeah, that's a good idea. Same principle as people living under tyranny in places like North Korea. If you ask them to their face if they support the Kim regime, they'll say of course they do, and give gushing praise to convince everyone of how much they love the Kim regime.

But if you ever put it to a vote with a secret ballot, the Kim regime would get blown the fuck out in spectacular fashion. That's why they don't have elections in tyrannical countries. Because the tyrants would lose if true public opinion could be quantified without intimidation guiding the votes.

We are very much living under the tyranny of a "woke" marxist social order. Nobody likes toddler drag queen strip shows, legalized shoplifting and cancel culture. But we're living in a system when your life can be ruined if you don't avow your fealty to the marxists, or if you dissent from their orthodoxies in any way. Where in North Korea you'll be thrown in a gulag if you dissent against the regime, here you'll lose your job, be de-personed and suffer social and economic death which can be just as bad.

So asking people people to openly oppose the marxists is futile because just like asking a North Korean to openly oppose the Kims, the cost to the individual of doing that is too great. That's why nobody opposes the Kims in North Korea.

Put it to a secret ballot though, and you'll get a different result.

All that being said, it's not employee opinions that guide businesses, it's sales. The woke marxist mob operates by threatening to publicly smear your company as "racist" all across the internet if you don't fire the person they're trying to cancel. So to really stand up to this shit, companies have to be willing to stand up for those employees and publicly fight those battles, at the cost of their bottom line. Unfortunately, few companies are willing to do this. Even the powerful ones.

YouTube for example got bullied by the MSM into placing MSM channels at the top of search results. The MSM did it by running a few stories accusing YouTube of harbouring racists, making an example of YouTube's top content creator PewdiePie, implying parents shouldn't let their kids watch YouTube anymore because it's full of racists.

That whole PewdiePie/Racism/MSM controversy was the MSM firing a shot across YouTube's bow to show them they could take YouTube's biggest content creators down and destroy YouTube's reputation if they wanted to. In exchange for mercy, YouTube agreed to prioritize MSM channels in the search results. That's why when you search youtube for anything that's related to stories that have been covered by the MSM, all you get is MSM spam in the search results. That's the amount of power cancel culture has over even the most powerful corporations.

marcovovchok [S] -3 points ago +2 / -5

Sad but so true. Not sure why downvoted.

Ham_Sandwich77 -3 points ago +1 / -4

White nationalists mad that I banned them.