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Hey folks,

Have you noticed how cancel culture and other activism always goes straight to management or government and tries to bully them into making a change that they need?

Now if you ever got into situation where you're in the management position, or you're on the council that gets bullied by a woke activist, hear me out. Naturally, very few people will have balls to deny the woke agenda, it's no cool today. Worse, woke activists will try to escalate the issue higher to get you fired.

The best action you can do is to conduct a referendum. Have as many people as possible vote on the issue using the secret ballot system, so that people didn't feel pressured to vote "right". The "silent majority" is almost always against stupid woke ideas, but doesn't have a way to express it freely. With the secret ballot referendum you give them a chance to show their support to you, not to the activism.

Once you have the results on your hands, you have the best answer: here, people don't want your idea, go away.

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Good ideas