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Total new cases: 11,582

Unvaxxed: 1,554

Vaxxed: 9,255

And for the resident propagandists who were crying about the rate per 100 k

Unvaxxed: 57.83

Vaxxed: 81.37

Some of the vaxx whores on Reddit have stopped charting vaccine effectiveness against confirmed case because vaccine effectiveness has been negative for a couple of weeks now. You're more likely to get covid if you're vaccinated. But you go ahead and line up for that booster. Your thumping heart and clotted brain will thank you.

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"Partially vaccinated

A person who received:

    only the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine series (for example, Pfizer or Moderna) approved by Health Canada, or
    only the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine series, not approved by Health Canada, or
    2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, not approved by Health Canada
    1 dose of a Health Canada-approved vaccine, followed by a dose of a non- Health Canada approved vaccine."


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that doesn't dispute my knowledge at all. Your definition of partially vaccinated is fine. I'm saying they classify anyone within 2 weeks of getting a shot as unvaccinated. My mom got sick 1 week after her second shot and is considered unvaccinated if she should go to the hospital.. Now if she went to the hospital on the 15th day after her most recent shot she would be considered vaccinated.

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1 week after her second shot and is considered unvaccinated

According to you. By the Ontario definitions I gave you she - and everyone else who is not yet 14 days past their second shot - is partially vaccinated

So she is "partially vaccinated" for one more week.

And if you're going to reply that "no she's unvaccinated" supply a link that backs you up. No more "just because I said so".

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Hitchens - "What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."

Not engaging with your unsupported opinions any more. It's only voices in your head if you can't back them up with some links.