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A) it’s all morbidly obese (like you?) or very old, you guys should stay home B) Lots of other countries are fully open without restrictions, and they’re doing great- why can’t we? C) I don’t give a shit about your opinions on what makes sense, I want facts backing up the infringement of rights, how many lives are estimated to be saved by these bans? Where is the science?

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You’ve never provided evidence justifying a lockdown on the unvaccinated.

You show hospital stats, but where are the studies demonstrating the measures are effective?

How many lives are being saved by not allowing healthy people to travel?

What will it take to open up? Specifically- what is the metric? Please provide a link the circumstances under which the federal travel restrictions will end.

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Got any links?

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A triple-vaccinated 70-year-old with diabetes, for instance, would still have a higher risk of hospitalization than an unvaccinated 30-year-old. Of course, discriminating against the ability to travel based on age would be unethical. So wouldn’t discriminating based on risk of severe disease be unethical, too?


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In the vaccination status of the people in the healthcare system with covid.