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I'd rather know who the haters are.

The anti white racists wearing tiny hats.

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Trudeau’s Nazi’esq order

Trudeau is a communist and a satanist. Not a nazi

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Send me a journal article about

You are not in a position to make demands. You can also find information yourself. That's what I do. That way you don't have to tell people off when they don't use sources you find acceptable. See how nice that is?

You are posting unsupported opinions on here all the time.

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hundreds of thousands of people have dies from the poison you call vaccine. You're a horrible human being for spreading these lies.

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You don't know enough about the science to be able to have a valid opinion of your own

You don't know anything about me. Your statement is ignorant and even lying. You're a liar and a manipulator.

I'm sorry for you and the damage you're doing by spreading their goofy stories

I've saved lives. You're here lying and trying to fool people.

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