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O'toole's failure to criticize the conservative premiers will be his own downfall. He could have a majority right now if he ran on a pro-freedom platform, clearly the PPC's numbers now show this to be true.

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Some people don't get it, they're stuck in the pre-2016 paradigm of red team vs blue team.

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great interview and going viral. this could've been Otoole but he declined.

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This place is now deleting anything critical of O'toole, I'm sure this post will be gone soon!

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Many conservative party supporters have said the same thing, despite it being false. so what's your point?

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That's like saying vote Romney to stop Obama. Justin is just a puppet for the globalists, the end goal should be to free Canada of globalist rule. Replacing Justin with another globalist doesn't advance that goal. Yes we all want Trudeau out but we also don't want globalist elitists in charge. If the election was Singh vs Trudeau, I'm not going to rally around Singh to remove Trudeau.

by skanon
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It's sad what has happened to this forum.

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Everything stems from freedom, without freedom, we can't win other issues. Without freedom, we're just slaves. Replacing Trudeau with O'toole doesn't mean anything if we aren't free. It's just replacing one tyrannical leader with another. O'toole will not stop the tyranny, he has said it himself and we're supposed to not go off his own words and his own positions? There's only 1 party this election that is fighting to defend our rights and freedoms. Regardless if PPC has no shot at winning the election, we have no choice but to back them.

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the older chinese voters who remember communism are going for CPC or PPC. the younger generation I'm not sure of.

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So the entire party should be condemned because of 1 jackass? How do we know that person isn't trolling? It seems likely that real white supremacists would be voting for parties that support vaccine passports because it will cause racial segregation (minorities tend to be the least vaccinated groups).

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Yep. The PPC vote is no longer considered fringe, they're pulling from all parties. O'toole could've had that by being the best pro-freedom candidate, he could've had massive rallies by standing for our rights. Look at him now, likely losing to Trudeau, at best he wins a super weak minority government.

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agreed. i know several NDP voters going PPC this time around. These voters weren't ideologically far left, they just liked NDP as a protest and the freebies they offer, thankfully once their rights were on the line, they voted for freedom.

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This tells us all we need to know about O'toole. Who would want this psychopathic dictator's endorsement?

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This isn't something to celebrate, this sets a horrible precedent. I doubt any PPC voter will throw away their vote for a mask though.

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All O'toole had to do to win a majority was defend the rights and freedoms of Canadians, instead he chose not to.

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One or two bad apples out of a group of thousands/millions means the entire group should be condemned and should be judged the same way right? Obviously that's insane.

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How do we know he isn't a fed playing the long game like we saw in the states? Who the fuck goes to a protest dressed like that? If they aren't agent provocateurs then their just morons who can't fathom strategy at all. Making Trudeau look like a victim is not a good strategy.

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O'toole wishes he could get crowds like this. Lucky for o'toole all the low info boomers will show up to vote for him

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PPC support rising could also be because of traditional non-voters showing support. This election has our rights and freedoms on the line, so the normally apathetic people are finally willing to vote and PPC seems to be capturing these voters.

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