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Well, they're definitely lying now. I'll grant that in some ways it is more obvious now.

But project Mockingbird goes back to the 70's, doesn't it?

I've heard others say they've been lying a long, long time... and I think that's more likely to be right.

I myself started journalism school in 1996. I was told very clearly that as a journalist, I had to use the words and phrases from the Associated Press guidebook for certain subjects (ethnicities, immigrants etc), and that while I could use other more descriptive phrases:

  1. No outlet in Canada would run stories that didn't use those words
  2. If they did run the stories, editors would change the articles to use the preferred phrases anyway.

This is effectively censorship - narrative control. It's not possible to publish a story that is against, for example, mass immigration, if all the words you are allowed to use for the subject contain clear narrative biases.

I didn't stay in the journalism program. I like to think I kept my integrity there, at least.

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This might be part of what is being missed - the "unvaccinated" definition includes vaccinated people: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1424894700415340546.html

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Not officially... not yet.

There are a lot of rumours Trudeau is planning one for this fall, but it has not been announced.

Trudeau does appear to be going around the country and making major financing announcements for various programs (mass transit, green energy etc). These likely are intended to sway votes his way in a forthcoming election - but they can't make these announcements, or spend the people's money, if the election is announced as parliament stops till the election occurs.

Trudeau's workaround seems to be to do the financing announcements first, then presumably call an election soon.

Of course - he could always change his mind about the election call, but I expect there will be one in the fall.

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Apparently they cut his livestream mid feed.

Sounds like Facebook suppressing his press conference to me. Or at least - the live broadcast part of it.

As for your summary above - you neglected to mention that Dr. Byram Bridle studies cancer, yes... specifically how to utilize viruses to target and kill cancerous cells. He's also described himself as a virologist in recordings I've heard.

Given some covid vaccines do utilize existing viruses as a vector, I'd say his experience IS reasonably relevant.

Also of note - many highly credentialed scientists have spoken up on related issues. There's been a great deal of suppression of information by anyone who doesn't follow the "official narrative". If you don't think the "Declaration of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth" isn't unusual, I don't think you're paying attention: https://canadianphysicians.org/

Lastly - your last 2 links don't appear to be working right now.

Have a nice day!

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I found the audio confusing, so I listened to it multiple times and transcribed it:

More than half the people to die with the delta variant have not been vaccinated at all, nearly 2/3rds of those infected with it have not been vaccinated.

Hang on, that makes no sense. Let me just bring you up to date with the figures.

Uh - 2/3 were unvaccinated, 23% actually in terms of the statistics. There have been 42 deaths in England, people confirmed with the delta variant who died within 28 days of a positive test. of those, 23 were unvaccinated, 7 had had the first dose more than 21 days before, 12 had had their second dose more than 14 days before.

So it's a small number of deaths, but of those ah.. a large proportion had - as we're saying had been double-vaccinated - half of them.

So let's talk more about the statistics. I spoke to our head of statistics...

My numeric summary of her final statements follows: 23 unvaccinated deaths (~55%) 7 1st dose vaccinated more than 21 days before (~17%) 12 2 doses vaccinated more than 14 days before (~28 %)

Total deaths with full or partial vaccination: ~45%

Looking closely at the wording - people who had been vaccinated but not 21 or 14 days before and had died might be included in that 55% as well.

In short - it's possible that the total figure of all people who had had the delta variant AND were vaccinated might be even higher - assuming that the announcer's statistics were correct in the first place.

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Israel had a very restrictive green pass program (vaccine passport under another name). I checked yesterday - they only got to 55% double vaccinated despite that.

I don't think Ontario or Alberta is going to get to 70 %.

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I was with a group a few days ago and the fact we were together without masks induced several other people to remove theirs as well. I think one person alone doesn't break the "social barrier", but two or more can more effectively influence others.

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Here's what real studies look like - not simply a png file, excerpted from a summary by "The Last American Vagabond" here (https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/covid-illusion-continues-to-crumble-as-the-covid-agenda-comes-into-view-ppe-expert-destroys-masks/): Most Recent Mask Studies



5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction is blood oxygen level:






Cloth Mask Study


SOME of the mask studies on efficacy:

























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I had a positive experience at the Ottawa freedom rally on Parliament Hill. It felt very good to be not wearing masks and acting like normal people as well.

I think we had around 2000-3000 people by the time of the march in Ottawa, but the media reported the much lower number of 500. That may have been true earlier in the morning, but I am quite confident we had quite a few more people when going through the streets.

In case there are others in Ottawa reading this - there are plans to keep doing freedom rallies on Parliament hill Saturdays 10 to 1 pm every week.

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Reminds me of fascism actually - fascism apparently derives from the idea of a bundle of sticks, which are weak individually but together are strong. Sounds very similar to "We're stronger as a collective".

Both communism and fascism have similar ideological roots - both are collectivist; fascism was historically nationalistic while communism was historically internationalist.

We will rue the loss of individualism once it is gone.