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Learn about atrocity propaganda from England and USA instead. Goebbels believed all propaganda must be based on truth.

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6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

(2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right:

to move to and take up residence in any province; and
to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.

*subject to government deciding your livelihood is not essential or that you are a disease ridden leper

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If they wanted a regime change, it would have happened. They control major oil fields and stealing millions per day from it. Israel claimed Gaolan heights and massive reserves there. They've prevented pipelines through Syria that bypass Israel's monopoly that currently feeds all of Europe and into Asia. The continued conflict prevents stabilization of region and hides their crimes. It forces millions of refugees into Europe and America. It clears out region to allow more and more annexation. Control of a depopulated area is much easier than subjugation. Force them out first and take piece by piece. Then there's financial aid stolen from west and constant spending to drive the debt based economy and hide wealth transfers. ISIS literally publically apologize to Israel for accidently attacking their soldiers. Mass organ harvesting of injured Syrians and Palestinians drives Israel organ trade. Opium field control.

This and more are the reasons the regime change hasn't happened. If they wanted Assad dead, it would have happened very easily. He is a known commodity and can put blame and evils on. He can be blamed for gassing his own citizens when ISIS is retreating and Americans are withdrawing and he's basically won and magically they now have a new reason to stay.

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Without you, how would our gas stations run? Thank you.

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They arent stopping. Quarantines will be regular occurances for 'variants' and likely new flus going forward unless you get vaccinated with boosters and flu shots. They are already developing new versions of old vaccines based on mRNA for new patents and money. Expect flu to switch from traditional vaccines using live/dead versions of the virus (or potential strains they believe will be dominant that season - they base it on earlier flu seasons in Asia and sometimes make flu vaccine that is useless like past few years of 10-20% effectiveness for flu vaccine).

No communist government has ever given up power without bloodshed. They know they can enact emergency authority to suspend charters and police will execute their orders. They know they can let minorities do as they please and penalize and subjugate Whites into submission with the laws others ignore. They know 90% of the population will submit and do what they want and police the other 10% for them. They will not relent. Covid might go away, but the power they now wield will not.

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Just because you are released from jail doesnt mean you are free. Not by a long shot in Canadistan.

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C10 is internet control and censorship. It isn't a law you can ignore and is an end of freedom as government decides your posting history is trip to gulag in coming utopia.

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It's the Indian variant. India demanded social media remove all reference of it as there is no such variant of Covid-19 scientifically cited as such by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and no one could prove it was real for India. So all new variants are being labelled with latin (alpha, beta, gamma, etc). It sounds more menacing and can just spread fear and confusion easier now. And no more 'racist' names like shanghai shivers or wu-flu or yellow fever.

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About $37.74 per dose based on https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canada-spent-24m-on-covid-19-vaccines-received-in-january-statcan-1.5335083

That's about $4 billion given away in wealth transfer just on the doses. They have to pay shipping, refrigeration, medical staff, administration, etc. It's not like drop off in mailbox and done. Will need massive staff and monitoring and make sure none are spoiled. Alternatively, they are paying directly to the providers and they deliver them. I'm assuming we bought them and have them delivered and taking up space in our hospitals, etc and need to get rid of them because he bought millions of excess doses. Likely this all goes through some NGO that friends own and run and get paid hundreds of thousands and most of the vaccines spoil and get tossed.

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Gender Based Analysis+ has been enshrined at all levels of government since the 90s and only ramps up with time. There's no stopping it without overthrowing the government at this point.

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Flyer is ridiculous. Probably some poc looking for attention. Barely coherent sentences.

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Significantly worse. Our health care nearly ended Brock Lesner's career. Theyd be sued into the ground if it wasnt socialized garbage practically exempt from its own incompetence.

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All the survivors I see are fat as fuck and havent worked a day in their lives. Few are thin, but are listerine addicts.

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Voting would be illegal if it made a difference.

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Win for Bill Gates' CN rail purchase and Warren Buffets existing railway and transport monopoly.

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Link details much of their actions, such as organized hate events calling for murder of 50,000 Hindus and how Pierre Trudeau refused to extradite the eventual terrorist leaders that killed hundreds of Canadians in the worst terrorist attack in our country's history. Jagmeet Singh attends rallies and associates with people from this movement and is banned from India to this day for these terrorist associations. They have shrines dedicated to the terrorist scum in their temples and on floats in parades in Canada. They arent here to assimilate nor thankful for our aid. They wish to establish a Khalistan country here or use our resources to establish one back in India. They do not care about Canada, yet have infiltrated our government and control NDP currently and hold positions in other areas. Their allegience is not to Canada. They are racists supremacists that practice hate daily. They carry weapons to kill their enemies, primarily muslims, under religious laws. They are on TV right now telling the world Canadians are evil racists full of hate and genocidal monsters that deserve everything that happens to them. They hate you. They are terrorists. The government approves of them.

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I like when the media cut away from the crowd chanting alloha snackbar while saying 'we think something is happening' and other hushed words before security stepped in and calmed people down for virtue signalling politicians. Go watch the presser with the moslems on stage and see the hate in their eyes as they call for action. No mention of it or coverage though. Just another day in Greater Ontario Caliphate.

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The filthy communist was also going around in doors wthout shoes again (recall she was picking her toes during sessions and other disgusting shit).

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The fact a cbc reporter was there isnt a big deal. The fact they pretended she was a normal civilian and didnt disclose this and did her up in attempt to hide her identity is the issue with that. All leadershp parties attending covid super spreader event and in lockstep with teh same anti-Canadian message and no court cases or due process - just full condemning of all White Canadians publicly and as loud as possible is the other false flag smell test it fails. How can leaders condemn someone as a terrorist without even an semblence of evidence provided to public nor motive nor investigation nor day in court? Thats insanity. And to label it all White Canadians as terrorists? This is NS Shooter territory of perfect lockstep messaging and MSM involvement with shady details and pushing laws and mandates through.

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Canada representatives tellign Canadians they are not representative of the views they are elected and appointed to represent...

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