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Canadian Parliament is just an empty show.

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Canada’s largest street gang protects pedos and murderers.
If you are still a cop right now you are a sell out faggot.

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They died from isolation and neglect.

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The symptoms of the variant are very similar to the adverse reactions people are having from the bio weapon

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They admit that people aren’t following the “rules” anymore this the restrictions are pointless except to change our behaviours. It’s never been about health. It’s always been about getting people to jump through hoops.
Also more people are well aware of the lies from the government and bio weapon producers.
It’s unsafe and word is getting our. They can’t hide still births like they can try to make up other excuses for all of the heart inflammation and strokes.
BTW this hasn’t been believable since day one.

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The people at the Globe and Mail need to be in jail

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Keep ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room at your own peril.
80 still births in an Ontario hospital in 6 months when the average is usually about 1per month. And then just recently in British Columbia there were 13 still births in a 72 hour period. No nothing to see here. The news would have told us right?
Get your head out of the sand.

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Because it’s all based in lies bud. And you come here making excuses for these people time and again. The jab is poison. The data is overwhelming that the jab is a rushed work of garbage. Full of garbage and peddled by murderers.

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The jab probably got her already compromised immune system to attack her own organs.

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It’s up to the RCMP to produce the evidence now. They are going to investigate the financial records of these politicians and board members to see what conflicts of interest they have.

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This is probably one of the first time I’ve seen or heard of any police taking statements from credentialed professionals.

Doubt all you want. That’s up to you. I suppose It’s like thinking we have a vote that matters in Canada

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We are both wrong.
I just found the article where he states “build back stronger”.

He’s still a liberal / globalist

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You are welcome. The mainstream media doesn’t want us to know anything Either do the scum sucking political class

Their day will come when they can no longer hide their crimes.

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You were put on this planet at this time for a reason. We will not go quietly. We will fight for the freedoms that were hard fought for us. Don’t give up. Don’t let these fucking degenerates steal the lives and freedoms that are god given. It’s our duty to future generations to preserve freedom for them.

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