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They should change the pride flag to just a big dick and balls covered in shit.

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I'm so embarrassed to be Canadian, fuck even worse, Quebecois. What a shame.

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You worried about optics?! Really? Worried that the pedos trannies will judge you? Wake the fuck up.

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Yeah im of the opinion your rolling the dice either way. Oh well. Like you said at this point only time will tell who is right or wrong in the long term.

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yeah no tats ever and no needles since ive been an adult. I never considered getting a vaccine ever (not against them just never bothered). Since this jab is everywhere and being pushed heavily i looked into it and learned that not all ingredients are disclosed and no testing was done. I don't think im being so unreasonable in my decision not to get it.

and yes when i was child and to retarded to think for myself of course i took any needles offered by authority without even thinking about it. Are you arguing i should still think this way as an adult?

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Yes because eating a sandwich is exactly the same as injecting something into your body with a needle. I can proudly say that yes I know all the ingredients of anything that was injected into me (past the age of 18). Is this seriously something you disagree with or are you just trolling? That is literally just saying stfu close your eyes and let me inject you no questions allowed. You think this way?

Btw: I'm not arguing the jab is bad for you. All I'm saying is I don't know what's in it and won't take it unless I did. If the pandemic was serious and healthy people were dropping like flies, i obviously would reconsider, but that is not the case.

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What's in the jab? Like 100% of the ingredients. If that cannot be disclosed it is retarded to take it.

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Plenty of reasons biggot. More votes for Trudeau, lower pay for us Canadians, terrorism the list goes on. If you weren't so racist you would understand.

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Especially Reddit. Bot central.