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video in the link

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I don't usually come here but all the vaccine free people I know stay far far away from any hospital it's like almost the very last thing on their mind to go into one of those places, nice try though.

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of course everything they said Trump was going to do is exactly what biden is doing, it's amusing. Get your bum ready for WW3.

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PPC will just keep getting more votes as they are the modern conservative party, I have no idea what the fuck Conliberals are here in canada but they are like a bunch of Mitt Romneys children.

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that is the main thing that ass fucked them but they are liberals in a different flavor they would end up bending the knee right after and changing their mind.

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exactly this had nothing to do with PPC had everything to do with Toole being an actual cuck tool.

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Just think they would of blown the fucking libtards out of the water if they just stayed true, there would be no PPC, there would just be a strong conservative majority. They keep pandering to the demented left and now I have to hear the mental midgets going bananas outside that the dumbest man in existence is the leader of Chinada. He makes don Lemon seem smart.

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yup the conservatives ran on a leftist platform but it doesn't matter anyways CANADA is toast, ready up for Australia 2.0.

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Ham is the most liberal user on here I see him focus on PPC (something he calls utterly insignificant) I've never seen anyone go after PPC harder then this dude. This place has become his own echochamber where he agrees with himself on new accounts, fucking weirdo.

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It's the definition of diverse im the last thing from "WHITE" and the only time I see anything that relates to race is back in the day when everyone was saying trump was on from hand symbols to other retarded stuff to this place, it's like having Anaconda/MikePence as a ADMIN calling everyone a "Grifter" and repeating the same thing over and over until there is only an echo responding back.

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I feel like this is what happened to RON PAUL they completely acted like he didn't exist, said he had no chance, but he's probably the main reason I snap out of the trance back in the day seeing how hard they tried to make it seem like he wasn't there. So this is probably the canadian version of that happening. I really think seeing all these deleted comments isn't a good look a mod/admin shouldn't be flexing like that, the people will figure it out, hell on the patroit.win we got more then a few but they allow everyone to have a voice and if it isn't something people agree with they just get downvoted into oblivion.

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It's exactly why I don't understand how Ham can't see that they are both the same liberals/conservatives it's the exact same uniparty that will bend the knee so quick your brain will spin, pander as much as possible and fuck you in the ass right when they get in power. Trump had this issue and he was surrounded by a billion maggot traitor republicans

I get it, he hates PPC but by god the TWO parties in canada are fucking atrocious. They did this exact same thing to trump and they NEVER stop they are like maggots that want you to constantly apologize, if you haven't learned what those snakes use tactically by now then i have nothing to say. They don't give a rats ass if you apologize to them that just admitting your NAZI. so nay.

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No matter what he'll eat the ass of whatever comes out of this guys mouth, he's exactly the same a turdhoe, I wouldn't even be surprised if they decided for him to win just to absolutely dismantle the CPC forever.

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here is the kicker and i should of mention this while telling the story, she said "All i listen to is CP24"

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Today I was listening to two ladies I work with talking casually about what is going on in Afghanistan, one lady said "Did you see Biden's speech? It was just amazing he is so well spoken, it was such a fantastic speech" - the other lady responded "you mean it wasn't full of nonsense like the other one" (Being trump) the other lady proceeded to say "Yeah, it's all trumps fault whats going on in Afghanistant if it wasn't for him non of this would happen, the afghanistant people hate him, he made a mess there so biden did what was best"

I was blown away at how fucking retarded the two ladies were, i wanted to just go over to them and say "hey fucking retards let me explain a few things to the both of you"

ANYWAYS end of rant, if a majority of canadians are this fucking stupid god just get rid of this country.

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I won't lie ive actually been seeing PPC signs in my area, if i was a no lifer on the internet i would think they are non existent but im blown away especially where im located i figured it would be more left leaning.

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This mother fucker fuckboyduh has me hyped up like a motherfucker, him saying "There will be consequences" enraged my mind and i want to protect this country and everyone who doesn't want to take that poison in their body, I FUCKING hate this communist pig fuck.

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Terrorist just like the video of ISIS taking down statues, this fucking country is dead. It's controlled by a bunch of degenerates, all the parties are exactly the same with slight wording changes. We're fucked.

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Trudeau should be in prison it's astonishing what he has got away with. They are all corrupt fucks we don't have a party so im not surprised.

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Canada has to collapse let it, let them have full blown control. It's the only way it'll get back to normal with these control freaks in complete power so there is no one to blame anymore but themselves.

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that is actually true, was passively having a convo about him with two people and they talked about how he had great hair but that was it. It's fucking dumb as hell.

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