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This site is basically toast.

The 'moderation' and the slanted politics - and things like this shill being allowed to post everywhere all the time with lies and trolling on basically every single post....

Lack of free speech + shills = how to kill a site.

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Are there still people that are deluded into thinking any of this was temporary?

Lockdowns will be forever, and the boot is going to press harder and harder.


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All across Canada. There are no 'conservatives' in the PC parties - federal or provincial.

New Brunswick is a Conservative government, first province to officially ban people from buying food unless they accept medical experiments.

People who think O'Tool was going to save them from Trudy are deluded.

The Uniparty is everwhere.

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I think you have to prove being allergic to any of the ingredients - which since it is secret - is basically impossible. or show a allergic reaction - to the first dose, so you can be exempt from the second dose. which is retarded.

so...yeah no win for commie canada. Trudy bought 400 million doses for a reason, and letting people get out of it is not on the menu. While shutting the borders so you cannot even escape to go somewhere better.

shack up with family or friends and find any job that wont require it for a while at least - Dark Winter ahead

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She 'struggled' with a disease for 15 years, i.e. lived with it and was able to do a high powered job.

Gets shot that is 100% supposed to provide immunity - and dies soon after. (as of 6 months ago thats how it was sold - and the definition of a vaxx is it provides immunity - so if this shot doesnt do that - it is not actually a vaxx)

How did they know she has covid? was it the PCR test that the CDC is going to stop using in Dec because.....it cannot differentiate between Covid and a flu? the one Fauci himself/herself admitted in an interview gives many false positives? That test?

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"Rogers sums it up as follows:

So, to put it simply, the Biden administration plan would kill 5,248 children via Pfizer mRNA shots in order to save 45 children from dying of coronavirus.

For every one child saved by the shot, another 117 would be killed by the shot."

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....'and vote in another globalist shill who will bend the knee to Dear Leader Trudy (and China) and throw the next 2 elections also - just like every single leader except for Harper for the last 30 years has either been so incompetent to throw elections and allow constant Liberal majority wins, or most likely has done it intentionally (since they all get big payouts after just by sheer coincidence?)

sounds like a plan.

Maybe Canada needs to coin the term 'CINO' just like RINO's in the US - Conservative In Name Only - doesnt sound as catchy but whatever.

anyone who thinks the uniparty Cons are coming to save them have not been paying attention.

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Wishy washy shit like this and constantly changing positions is why he lost.

The election was his to win

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Different countries are pushing different jackboot policies - but its coming for everyone, everywhere.

This will be Canada by next year too. Camps are already built, Ontario is already marking people it sounds like.

The Great Reset is for everyone.

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Every province.

Rebel News filmed the one by Portage la Prairie in manitoba back in spring/summer.

Its coming for everyone.

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Yup - he said he was pro-vaxx passport too during campaign. he basically went along with every major policy of Trudy.

He could have easily won by taking a strong stance and opposing everything the commie loving reds were doing - but he didnt. Politicians get bought off - he would have done all the same things anyway.

Anyone that thinks being 'conservative' means anything can look to Alberta for how suddenly those values get tossed out when its time to put down the boot - and get paid.

The only reason Harper was different is he came form the Reform side of things, every other conservative for decades has been shitheads all the way.

in 1997 Charest came out strong, then ran a shitty campaign, and threw it horribly and utterly stupidly with a week left - and soon after was magically offered leadership of the LIBERAL party of Quebec. He was bought off.

Globalist party is globalist party, doesnt matter if they wear blue or red or orange shirts. This is playing out in the US as many find no real different between most RINO's and Democrats. Uniparty is Uniparty.

There are untold billions of profits at stake - does anyone REALLY thing OTool would be a strong voice in power once he also then gets offered the bribes? This fight is playing out worldwide, and just like in the UK - a 'conservative' govt won and suddenly turned into the same jack booted thugs as Australia and everywhere else. Party labels are irrelevant to the globalist party. People need to wake up to this fact soon or waste time they dont have on the wrong fight.

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Yup. there are people building cases all over the world it sounds like. It make take years for something as big as this to get trials, but it is in the works. There is no 'it would have happened already' crap. Sadly a lot of people will have to suffer first.

Forced medical testing without informed consent is illegal. Doesnt matter if tried this year or 20 years from now - its still illegal and human rights violations. People on the front lines forcing others to take it will eventually find out themselves that 'just following orders' is NOT a valid defense - and face the penalty for such crimes. Which is not jail time....

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Yup. almost every government has been lying about numbers from the start, and using a PCR test which doenst measure sickness as per creator Kary Mullins. (but does give a 90% false positive rate since we use 40+ cycle threshold testing)

Isreal and UK numbers seem more accurate, they are actually measuring cases among the vaxxed. US and Canada are NOT counting cases among vaxxed - they are intentionally NOT marking it down, and/or marking down anyone jabbed within 14 days of dying as unvaxxed - and then claiming its all the filthy unvaxxed causing cases. - easy to fake numbers when you simply dont count them.

The numbers are all lies - things are far worse than being told. And this winter, with cold/flu season arriving, and compromised immune systems all over - it is going to be very bad for a lot of people.

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'Conservative' government.

Destroys freedom and religion.

Labels are meaningless - the hammer and sickle are everywhere.

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To rub the distain for average people in their face.

Everything they do it to mock people. "Look what we can do any you can do nothing about it"

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While heartbreaking for the family - the real hard pill for most to swallow will be the realization, too late, that they should have paid attention to the warnings that were present long before. And that thinking for yourself and looking at evidence was not a slogan, it is survival.

It has been out there that 'experts' are profiting from people's misery and should NOT have been trusted for years, decades now.

"They are not conspiracy theories. They are spoiler alerts"

This was all preventable.

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Also add:

Conservative leaders have been throwing elections to the Liberals for decades, with the exception of Harper.

in 1997 Charest came out strong, but the central campaign made it clear they had zero ideas and didnt know what they were doing 'Lets BBQ the red book too!' - and 4 days before election day 'Oh yeah I talk to Mulroney, he is like a father figure!" - boom goes from winning to losing 50 seats overnight. 6 months later he is made leader of the provincial LIBERAL party in Quebec. (I worked on that campaign and watched it happen in real time)

1993 Kim Campbell takes over, turns into a disaster, helps lose - and then gets plum ambassador job from LIBERAL PM.

The conservatives didnt just randomly pick the shittiest leaders ever twice now and run pathetic campaigns against Trudy by accident - you think a 100+ year old party with deep pockets and access to any amount of paid consultants are that stupid for so many years? They are working to help the Liberals - and are getting their payoff behind the scenes for intentionally throwing elections.

Harper was the exception, but he also came from the Reform Party side of things, not the swamp conservatives - because the only real change came from starting a new party and fighting for actual conservative values. They merged with the swamp, and had power for a bit, but the swamp took over again.

There is no functional difference between Liberals and Conservatives parties.

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O'Tool supporting every major policy of commie/global Liberals cost them the election. (and every provincial 'conservative' govt moving in lock step with the same just shows it is fully up and down the chain)

it is idiotic to think that there is any difference between so called Conservatives and Liberals right now. Just like in the US Dems and Rinos are now shown as 'the Uniparty' - they are all the same. There are only those who fight FOR rights, and the vast majority fighting to take rights away. Labels are irrelevant.

Anyone saying otherwise is either a shill or missed out on everything happening in the world the last 5 years or so.

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of course they didnt get it - no politician did. they were running around no masks and in antifa crowds because they already had something before the shot.

many videos of faked jabs for political figures.

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Yup. Too late for one, need several days to spread. And - liberals are fucking scumbag hypocrites - they dont give a shit about blackface as long as its a liberal doing it. a few millennials might care - but they dont vote much so wont matter.

Anyone who cares is already voting for someone else anyway.

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Hopefully they are not doing shady things in Ontario and Quebec, where they seem to be pushing Dominion machines on provincial elections?(not sure saw something last year but didnt verify)

At least for now with Voter ID it is tougher to fake. But they are pushing mail in ballots, and news stories setting the stage for future 'internet voting' (because THAT cant be hacked at all right?)

Trudy was probably relying on the $600 million bribe he paid all the major news orgs to give him fawning coverage, apathy from a summer election call, fearmongering and propaganda that doesnt get challenged, and sheer Hubris as the Libs have called themselves the 'natural dominant party' for decades. Oh and the fact that most Canadians are sheep and sleep away while the world is burning.

Also - since there is zero policy difference between Libs and Cons - people will just shrug and not vote - benefitting the incumbent. (Albert is finding that out real hard this week that on the big issue of the day - they are not siding with people but money and Liberals)

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This started as a free speech site - and turned into a not-free speech site.

I think reddit did something similar...

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Every politician should be presented with this and demand what they are going to do about it.


University of BC, along with Canadian government, funded, and designed the mRNA mechanism of lipid nanoparticles, then made sure it was the 'only cure' for the pandemic - and was working on that 'cure' years before we even knew of the pandemic.

Also, the current virus was being patented and developed years before, with public records showing funding, intent, and patent records clearly demonstrating it was not a 'naturally occurring' virus.

We should not be arguing (only) about masks and lockdowns - but demanding action on racketeering and bio-weapons treaty violations.

He seems to have the goods on what he is talking about.

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