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While I personally would love to see MetaCanada return and believe it is the stronger "brand" with better participation I wonder if it is still too soon to bring it back. OC is still basically a last resort spot for the anti vaccine crowd and another 6 months for this to die down a little would be in the benefit of MC.

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Seriously all refugees looked like this nobody would be arguing with increasing the numbers. Keep sending us hotties!!!!

as an aside...


The exotic dancer option has been less and less available over the years, with only 496 visas issued between 2006 and 2011 — much less than the 1,713 visas issued to exotic dancers between 2001 and 2005

say what you want about Jean Chrétien at least his exotic dancer work visas brought in hotties!


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Balgord estimates that there are now 10 to 15 per cent of Canadians who hold far right views, which encompass a wide range of extremist opinions including anti-government and anti-science perspectives along with racist and homophobic beliefs. Some of them may not consider themselves racist, but they are giving cover to extremists, he says.

yup that is right people! if you are far right according to someone on the far left even if you aren't a racists you are dangerous because someone else might be an extremist.

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this goes to my argument of replacing the immigration points system with a swipe left or right hot or not system.

Ever seen a homeless hottie?


The reality is hotties are always able to find a job or someone who will take care of them. Hotties are good for the economy encouraging people to buy expensive meals, jewelry, designer clothing, luxury vacations hell they encourage people to buy expensive homes and cars. I've seen educated people fail, I've seen intelligent people fuck things up and end up at the end of their ropes but hotties just turn left turn right and pick someone new to start all over with.

Hotties improve everything for everyone and bring good genes to our country. Hotties exist in every race and culture and as such this isn't a racist system.

Hot or not it is as simple as that

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The party isn't white nationalist, but unfortunately they are a catch all party for so many white nationalists it becomes very difficult for a forum to separate the two.

The CPC is not the party of anti-abortion but as all other mainstream parties have a firm stance on pro unrestricted abortion so we end up with the anti-abortion crowd effectively forced into the CPC by default. This in effect has left the PPC being the only party that is promoting a more restricted immigration and this is a policy held strong by many white nationalists and as such the PPC attracts fringe member support. All other parties have historical ties to pro immigration and the PPC is left as the catch all.

The PPC doesn't have its choice of first run candidates. If you are interested in being elected you are wise to pick the LPC,CPC,Bloc,NDP,PPC,Green in that order. If the CPC doesn't take you and you don't live in Quebec you are basically what is left for the PPC, If the LPC and the NDP won't touch you welcome to the Green Party. this has left the PPC with some very fringe candidates same as the Green Party.

During the election there was an unfortunate reality. The people screaming for the PPC the loudest on this forum were also the ones saying shit that would easily be considered white nationalist. In the early days of the PPC (metacanada era) there was strong support for Maxine and the PPC support was still undetermined. There was a chance the PPC would be the next Reform party. As time has passed and the dust has settled unfortunately the reality is the PPC isn't the next Reform it is the next Green Party but on the right.



This isn't a trusted source and I don't suggest Canadaland for anything beyond wiping ones ass but the argument they make is easy for most people to follow and agree with.

What happened?

So much daily trolling by people who weren't even hiding the white nationalist nature of their posts promoting PPC on omegacanada that the mods were effectively forced to rid themselves of the mess.

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yikes that home page suggests these guys are pretty centered on a single topic and might me a dubious source.


key doctor they are referencing in the article has a word press homepage where she sells books.... https://ammedicalmd.com/about-dr-ana/

This site is pretty dubious

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Well God darn it might only be an opinion and not a news article but fuck me it is a breath of sanity

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I was required to provide an employer a criminal background check and credit report for slightly over 2 years. I have good credit and have never been involved in anything related to a crime. My position had nothing to do with finance or anything requiring anything outside of "are you bondable" but every few weeks they would remind me they needed these documents and every few weeks I would remind them I had forgotten them and would write it down.

About a year into the 2 years of laughing it off they reminded me they needed it and I said no problem I will head on home and get it, they realized the mountain of work they needed me to do and said "tomorrow will be fine". Next day they asked me again if I had brought them, I laughed said "damn I will head home right now and get it see you tomorrow" and again realizing the mountain of work they needed done they huffed for a second and said 'that's ok just try to remember tomorrow" I tried to remember but fuck me gently with a chainsaw heather with the staggering amount I drink and regular drug abuse over 2 decades my memory just suck. "Did you happen to remember to bring those documents with you" .... yup "God damnit I tried to remember but didn't but I'm happy to head on home and get them" by this point the HR lady realized I was just playing games and started laughing to.

I would answer "I did what I had to do I will try to find the document if you really need it but I have no clue where I put it"

and just leave it at that.

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9 times out of 10 they paid a "consultant" to build the thing who upon completing the project dissolved the company and from that point forward they are basically at a loss to get any support at all. They decided they wanted the website and listed the requirements and then internally farmed it to a close friend who build a company to send the exact bid and requirements to the RFP. They got the job then sub contract it out and as soon as they are paid they dissolve and disappear.

Nobody fixes this shit

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So every single one of these has the same COVID-19 phrase in it. (sorry for the low res image but you can see what I mean when you zoom in even if it isn't clear)


Here is another one with effectively the same wording as your example.

My bet is that this is purely a content error and nothing more. I bet they reused a common procurement phrase not realizing that this changes all of them regardless of data and makes a complete mess of the archives.

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When you go to the actual GSIN there is no description at all for this.


So I found 2 more,

Grenades (W8484-14XA13/002/BK) - Buyandsell.gc.ca Public Works and Government Services Canada Acquisitions Branch Office of Small and Medium Enterprises and Strategic Engagement buyandsell.gc.ca/procurement-data/award-notice/PW-BK-367-24281-002?order=title... Feb 3, 2014 - Grenades (W8484-14XA13/002/BK) The Government of Canada needs products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19. Learn how to supply a needed product or service Tender Award Status Publishing status Active Dates Contract award date 2014/01/31 Publication date 2014/02/03 Amendment date None Details Contract number W8484-14XA13/002/BK

Grenades (W8484-14XA13/001/BK) - Buyandsell.gc.ca Public Works and Government Services Canada Acquisitions Branch Office of Small and Medium Enterprises and Strategic Engagement buyandsell.gc.ca/procurement-data/award-notice/PW-BK-367-24280-001?order=title... Feb 3, 2014 - Grenades (W8484-14XA13/001/BK) The Government of Canada needs products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19. Learn how to supply a needed product or service Tender Award Status Publishing status Active Dates Contract award date 2014/01/31 Publication date 2014/02/03 Amendment date None Details Contract number W8484-14XA13/001/BK

My bet is that they replaced a generic phrase that was used in multiple ads way back when with new COVID-19 ones or someone did a string replace in the DB for a common phrase they wanted to update not realizing they didn't date trap it.

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When the only publishing presses and the only organizations are the Catholic Church all art and science is quickly in the title of the Catholic Church. Some of this was positive some of it was negative I have always held the belief that Man created God and not the other way around. For all the good that mans creation of god has provided in structure and inspiration it has provided countless examples of backwards movement. But neither here nor there the quickest way to make sure I get a contract in writing is to tell me you are a christian.

The Catholic School system in Ontario made a choice to accept public funds and as such they opened several doors that conflict with their beliefs. They accepted billions in funds and upon doing that they accepted that they would need to teach things that they might not agree with. I can't related this to other provinces which have different funding relationships. Your freedom of conscience, religion and expression cannot be at the hands of tax dollars. If the public is funding it through taxes they have a right to insist on the usage of their tax money. If you want to fund a school system directly through your personal tuition fees or through donations at a religious institution (how the Catholic Schools system was previously funded and how Jewish private schools to this day are funded) you get to set the rules, when the choice is made to collect public funds obtained through taxation the taxpayers regardless of membership get a say in what is said and done.

In this case however the Church and Pastor in question are not receiving public funds while they may accept the attendance of all who wish to attend they can also refuse them if they chose. As they are not taxpayer funded it has nothing at all to do with the public at large what is taught or expressed unless it violates the law. If a pastor can promote faith healing then they can legally promote faith healing.

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32% of the world is Christian. The majority view is that Christ is of no meaning. Does the pastor have to explain the majority view when he mentions Christ? The majority view is that virgins don't have babies and the only way to turn water into wine includes sugar and fermented does he need to express this view?

I count myself firmly in the atheist category if we are going to compel him to state majority views we don't have freedom of religion in the slightest. I might find Christian beliefs backwards and a detriment to human development but the state has no place to interject in this .

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The difference is even more pronounced when booster shots are taken into account. In the over-60 age group, 222 of patients in serious condition are unvaccinated, while 101 have received two doses of the vaccine and 46 have received a booster shot. Among those under 60 who are in serious condition, 200 are unvaccinated, 49 have received two doses, and seven have received a booster shot.

Over 60 222 - no vaccine 101 - 2 shots 46 - 3 shots

Under 60 200 - no vaccine 49 - 2 shots 7 - 3 shots

So by no means a good sell on the vaccines (not pontificating those who chose to get that is your choice those the chose not to that is your choice) but assuming that these numbers are accurate we at least get some real concept of how effective they are. Assuming all people have a similar odd of being exposed and a similar add of multiple health factors and what nots it appears that we are looking at somewhere around 50% effective in those over 60 and somewhere around 75% effective for those under 60. This is purely in relation to serious conditions which is really what they have been trying to peddle the vaccine as providing.

Not the best not the worst. I can't see this changing anyones mind as to getting the vaccine. If this was high 90's I could see a legitimate argument but at 50/50 it really isn't going to change any minds even at 75% it isn't going to change the minds of those that are set in their opinions.

good post u/tuchodi interesting article

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This is the correct answer. If they terminate the employment it is best she not sign any paperwork until she has had a discussion with an employment lawyer this is a pretty clear example of a constructive dismissal. It might be a good idea to call an employment lawyer before they actually terminate and check exact advice in regards to how to handle it before it happens as there are certain aspects of severance that can play negatively towards your case.

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Is CERB still happening I thought it was a limited number of payments per person type of deal.

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I like the PPC, they give a place for people who make the CPC look bad somewhere to go. Years ago I had thought about starting a Christian fundamentalist party, full on anti-abortion bring back prayer in schools make Canada Christian again. I figured it would give a place for all the christians to go and let my CPC party return to the heartless capitalists we are without having to pretend to care about jesus boys.

The PPC take candidates nobody else would touch and staff the riding associations with folks nobody would touch with a 100 foot pole. They attract the folks that as someone who has worked on a few political campaigns in my time you would always do your best to prevent reporters and cameras from seeing less these dumbasses speak and someone confuses them for having a valid opinion or worse yet representing the people at the gathering.

It is always tempting to simply fill a room so it gives an air of popularity but it can backfire when you fill the room with people that inherently make you look bad and the PPC make the CPC more mainstream by taking these people on as their key market. At the cost of a few votes at the ballot box for each person that shifts to the PPC from the CPC it looks like more are gained from the LPC as they no longer feel like they have to associate with the riff raff.

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Fuck me nothing makes me appreciate the Jews quite like christians trying to write a text that sounds legal in nature. For god sake get someone who's name ends in steen to rewrite that contractual disaster

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While personally I think all delusions of a god are proof of mental incompetence how the system works is actually more fucked up in Canada.

You need to have a deep and profound belief to your convections regardless of denomination of actual religion. In effect as long as you can back any part of it up its good for the courts. But its only good for the courts and only at your expense.

So you can hold whatever belief your mind wants but it only applies after the fact. After your boss fires your bitch ass you can lodge a case against them and sue for damages based on the false dismissal (constructive or otherwise) and in a court of law prove your profound belief and how they discriminated against it.

Religion doesn't exempt you from shit! it might provide you a means to compensation after the fact but the legal expenses to get to it are yours to bare.

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So its kind of odd. While we can directly see the CPC gaining in stride with the LPC losing and thus a shift between the two we do not see the same correlation between the CPC and the PPC if anything it appears that disenfranchised voters are shifting between the GPC and the PPC. The CPC gains occur at the same time as LPC loses and in similar magnitude while the same appears to hold true between PPC and GPC but I don't see a relationship between CPC and PPC or PPC and LPC.

NDP have remained a flat line similar to the BQ suggesting limited shift in voter intentions. If you started in either of these camps you are still in these camps.

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Oh dude it is worse than Trudeau and what the Canadians said. What they said was perfect considering the meeting in question.


Security Council holds Arria-formula meeting on “Preventing terrorism and violent extremism through tackling gender stereotypes, masculinities, and structural gender inequality”


On 28 July 2021 the Security Council held an Arria-formula meeting on preventing terrorism and violent extremism through tackling gender stereotypes, masculinities, and structural gender inequality. The meeting was organized by the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations, in cooperation with the Permanent Missions of Estonia, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The aims of the meeting were to consider how a focus on masculinities could facilitate a more comprehensive gender approach by the Security Council; identify persistent challenges posed by terrorist individuals and groups exploiting gender to further their objectives; and identify recommendations and lessons learned in that regard.

NO FUCKING JOKE!!!! this is what the fucking meeting was about. Thousands upon thousands of dollars were spent on this people likely traveled and billed hotel rooms for this meeting. Meal allowances were paid to people to discuss this.

When you think of the most useless intersectional lefty communist treehugger urban chicken farming jackass on reddit remember they are nothing compared to this UN meeting paid for by UN contributions.

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Having been a pretty solid user of club drugs and coke through the late 90's and 00's I was conflicted on this. I mean it's one thing to snort a line of blow that was smuggled in some 3rd world chicks stomach into the country and then smuggled into a club in a bag attached to some ratty drug dealers sack only to snort it off of a $0 hookers titls but fuck me if a flu isn't going to cause me to give up on life. I thought back to buying pills in thailand and facing a decade or so in The Bangkok Hilton all to fuck around with 3 chicks who at the time might have been ladyboys (they weren't) but fuck me if I'm going to take a chance with getting the flu by not wearing my mask while taking a bath. I remembered the time I accidently smuggle coke into Amsterdam because I didn't check my pockets when I picked my jacket to go to the airport in and being glad because it let me do a couple of lines on the flight and compared it to the terror I felt going to a grocery store and not wearing a full rubber suit with a respirator.

I didn't lock my front door in Toronto for a period of over a decade and never got robbed, I drove a convertible and didn't lock the doors, I've gone on a zipline in a country where making a body disappear costs less than a decent steak at a steakhouse, I drove a car in the middle of winter that was a death trap and should have been illegal because I had somewhere I wanted to go. I worked in a self serve gas station that was open 24/7 on a desolate road in a desolate town with a cop station that closed at 10pm.

Life is fucking dangerous. Do I consider COVID to be dangerous? Well not as dangerous as my motorbike or scuba diving or telling my wife I want to fuck her little sister now that she got her new fake tits. We have to consider danger in relation to experience and personal acceptable risks. There are people who would never fly to a resort in Mexico because its dangerous, there are people who would go and wouldn't leave the resort because its dangerous, there are people who would head out of the resort to try a street taco in the bright of day and then there are those who would leave the resort to buy coke at night and take a half dozen scantily clad girls to a no tell motel for a hundred dollar orgy. To the last group COVID isn't scary to the first group its the scariest thing on earth, my worry is that most Canadians are actually in the second group and not the third group. My bet is most of this subs folks fall into category 4 and 5.

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This is not true. The Conservatives, the Libs and the NDP have no debt. They paid it off.

True and thus we have an election. The LPC wouldn't have suggested an election if this weren't the case.

Spending more money doesn't win you elections. There are enough people or banks willing enough to give the Libs or the NDP money.

Not right after the election, it takes a couple of years. hell in the first 6 months most haven't even solved all of their riding association tax filings. It might not be spending that wins an election but it still takes significant money and resources to compete.

The CPC in the case of a minority will be limited but they won't be entirely hung out to dry for the first year and a bit. They will have some flexibility while others needs to regroup and rebuild

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