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I'm glad they tried to appeal this, but why did they not try to appeal the Khadr ruling. Apparently $40,000 is the maximum allowed under the Canadian Human Rights Act. How the eff did that guy walk away with $10 million, no appeal.

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We want near zero immigration, not status quo immigration for a couple of years while the conservatives are in power only until the liberals inevitably get back in

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those Hunter Biden paintings aren't going to sell themselves

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so then the greens, ndp, liberals, bq, and cons are all more similar to a toilet? I don't get it

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all he has to do is cut immigration and he has my vote

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When arguing with the soyboys on onguardforree/liberalpartyhqpolitics I always get the "HE NEVER SAID THAT" defence then it is an absolute BITCH for some reason tracking down the quote, and when I do post it I get nothing but downvotes and no responses. I swear the unflattering stuff gets buried

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Even if the CPC wins they're not going to do jackshit to stop all these tech companies from censoring conservatives, or enforce net neutrality on domain registration and DDoS mitigation services, or even stop the cbc from closing comment sections

I just noticed the other day my youtube account is shadowbanned so no one else can see my comment on videos. It's ridiculous that a foreign trillion dollar company that is practically essential for political discourse in this country can shadow censor whoever they desire with zero accountability. At least let me know I'm banned and show me my offending comment and the alleged rule that it broke

The days of online freedom are numbered. It's going to be all government real-ID access to social media before we know it, and that access will be restricted if you don't tow the line.

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simple fix for CPC if they become unelectable is to adopt electoral reform as a platform and actually follow through on it

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The PPC wants to reduce immigration which will solve all the problems the left is concerned with

Environment and climate goals? Nothing can beat a population that is naturally shrinking. Every other party wants a population of 100 million before the end of the century. How the fuck can you meet emission cutting goals while growing the population three-fold? Personally, I'm more concerned with keeping our backyard clean than CO2 hysteria, but either way immigration needs to be drastically reduced.

Suppressed wages? Sky-high housing prices? All fixed by cutting immigration

Woman rights? Egalitarianism? Nothing has been worse in recent times than importing a bunch of backwards thinking people and then boosting them to leadership roles with affirmative action

I actually wish the PPC would lean in left a bit more on issues like environment, housing, and labour. I think they could pick up a lot more voters and would lose a lot of criticisms.

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Hello reddit

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there is a decent chance they'll die from the climate rapefugees everyone but the PPC wants to bring over

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literally resorting to to playing the SJW game of six degrees away from a nazi

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I remember years ago all the libs on leddit saying grooming gangs would never happen here because we vet our immigrants or some bullshit

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we need young immigrants to fix our aging demographics

also immigrants, bring over your parents and grandparents that never contributed to our social systems making the problem even worse than it ever was

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Where do they sign up for their $10,000,000 cheques?

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Sharia Blue was at full force on the politics board

any critical comment of Joe Biden I made got -20 in two minutes. Replies from actual people wouldn't usually start trickling in until like 10 minutes later.

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Wasn't trump DEBOONKED only weeks ago for espousing the the effectiveness and speed of the vaccine development?

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I love how this story has been removed from r/canada. It is almost like the mods agree giving this shitbag terrorist family millions of dollars was a bad idea from Trudeau, why else would they hide it?

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I can't believe the cbc comment section is still open. Many sane people voicing opinions against the narrative

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